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In 1935 in Rimini, Nicola Gemmani and Lanfranco Aureli set up a company which made ploughs, reacting to the crisis of 1929, which had overwhelmed the company where they worked. Just after the war, there was a drop in demand for agricultural machinery and an increase in demand for furniture and door and window frames. So the two partners adapted the company and in 1952, based on a design by newly qualified engineer Giuseppe Gemmani, produced the first cast iron combined multi-purpose woodworking machine: L'invincibile B4. It was the first in a considerable series of innovations, which together whit a strong propensity towards exports and the development of an impressive worl-wide distribution network, in just a few years made the company an international leader.

From 1985, the company grew through acquisitions and diversification to better adapt to changes in the economy: it consolidated its position in solutions for the furniture industry and acquired technology and know-how in solutions to process glass, plastic, stone, metals and composite materials. In 2009 scmgroup reacted to the international crisis by initiating an industrial consolidation and development plan which necessitated the investment of € 40 million in technology and intellectual capital. The plan allowed optimisation of the group's competitiveness and a further increase in market shares.

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