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Premium LLC
Austria Austria
Sverdlovsk region
+43 (343) 3458006
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Welcome to the international catalog of new and used production and technical equipment. Surely you are familiar with the situation when in some catalog of equipment or machines, a good part of the published equipment is placed without prices, and instead indicate that the price is negotiable or even about the prices there is no mention. In our catalog of machines and equipment you are unlikely to run over at least one machine or device with an unknown price. Each piece of equipment goes through a strict moderation before it gets into the catalog. With the help of our website you will be able to calculate both the estimated cost of delivery and customs clearance, and to create requests for accurate calculation of transport and customs costs presented in the catalog of the machine or equipment. Your requests fall on the calculation of the transport companies engaged in both international and local (within one country) transportation of the machine you need. Also, with the help of our service, you can order the calculation of customs duties and fees required for payment at the crossing of the state border. As mentioned earlier, our catalog of machines and equipment is equipped with the online calculation of the cost of delivery and customs clearance. This is a special algorithm that analyzes the tariff grid delivery of various transport companies and provides an approximate calculation of the total cost of the equipment at the destination. This total cost of the equipment or machine is only approximate, in order to accurately calculate the final price, you need to use the service requests.
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