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Muller Machines SA
Switzerland Switzerland
Bern (BE)
Industriestrasse 22
+41 032 373 34 44

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In 1917, Charles Muller founded his machine tool business in Bévilard, in the Jura region. Concentrating mainly on the watchmaking industry, the firm moved to Bienne in 1929. As a result of the 1930s watchmaking crisis, the firm diversified its activity and today caters for all sectors of industry. Félix, Serge and Marcel succeeded their father in 1942 and formed today's limited company. In 1966, the firm built new premises with an area of 1'400 m². After the death of Félix Muller in 1967, his son Michel joined the management. In 1983, MULLER MACHINES SA moved to Brügg and opened one of Europe's largest second-hand machine tool centre with a permanent exhibition of 12'000 m².

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