Milling and Groving Machines

Milling machines for wood have a huge field of application. This type of woodworking equipment designed for the production of parts made of wood , yet they are used for planar milling and profiles , or for bulk cutting reliefs of parts and products . Most milling machines for wood are usually equipped struzhkoudalitelyami ( industrial vacuum cleaner ) , it is necessary first of all to be able to remove chips , which is formed in the process, as well as wood pyl.Truby struzhkoudolitelya summed up in those areas of the milling machine where it is needed more total , for example where there cutter is in direct contact with the wood material. Some models of milling , woodworking machines have heavy frame, which assumes the vibration of the unit. First of all , milling machines for wood intended for different types of planing example profile ( planing on what that pattern ) and flat planing . This equipment has the ability to handle edge blanks using milling machines can produce moldings, tongue and a groove milled on the wood blanks . If the equipment has the possibility to attach additional equipment, milling machine can perevoplatitsya in universal diverse tirpa TOOLING for woodworking.